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  • How does Scripture Stickers work?
    Scripture Stickers are clear, see-through adhesive stickers with original artwork depicting stories from the scriptures. Each scripture sticker depicts an image from the scriptures which highlights an important event. Next to each scripture in the packet you will find the corresponding scripture reference where the sticker should be placed in your scripture set. Scripture Stickers are completely removable without harming the delicate pages of your expensive scriptures.
  • Are Scripture Stickers permanent?
    Scripture Stickers are designed to be removable. They can typically be applied, then removed, and reapplied several times, especially if done immediately after the initial application. In our testing, stickers can even be removed several years after the initial application without harming the scriptures. Because of varying ink and paper quality however, Scripture Stickers cannont guarantee against any adverse effect to the scriptures or to the stickers after application.
  • Are Scripture Stickers suitable for Children?
    Children love Scripture Stickers and will have a great time putting them in their scriptures. So that Scripture Stickers do not add noticable bulk to your scriptures, the stickers are very thin and quite delicate however. They can tear and adult supervision is encouraged.
  • Can I pick my product up in the store?
    We don't have a store front so we can't accomodate pickups.
  • Is ordering Scripture Stickers online safe?
    Yes, we use the same encryption that your banks use to protect your sensative data. Futhermore, you credit card information is sent directly to the credit card company for processing and your credit card information is not available to anyone at Scripture Stickers.
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