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Bring the scriptures to life with Scripture Stickers! Each sticker is a beautifully drawn, see-through illustration relating to your study!


Scripture Stickers was established in 1990 with one mission: to make a high-quality product to help you bring your scriptures to life and have more fun while you study. Scripture Stickers is the most advanced, effective, and inspirational scripture marking and learning system ever developed. And it's fun! Just peel and stick. Key passages are immediately highlighted to help you tell a story, or just find your place again and again. 

Scripture Stickers can be used at home, in seminary, at school, in church, in the mission field and in classrooms of all ages. They don't fade or bleed like highlighters or crayons and are removable. We pride ourselves on offering a superior product, an easy shopping experience, and quality relationships with our customers. To find out more, continue to browse our website, email us, or pick up the phone and give us a call!


What are Scripture Stickers?

  • Scripture Stickers are clear adhesive stickers with original artwork depicting stories and passages from the scriptures.


  • The most unique feature of Scripture Stickers is the ability to actually read through the images.


  • Scripture Stickers are also completely removable without harming the delicate pages of expensive scriptures.


  • Scripture Stickers are so thin that it appears an artist has drawn beautiful illustrations in the scriptures. They don't add any bulk to even a complete set of all four books of scripture.

  • Scripture Stickers come in many different sets including special stickers for Seminary study, LDS, The Holy Bible, Missionaries, and our Children's Story series.


I never thought I would see my husband take an interest in the scriptures.

The Scripture Stickers system makes it so easy for me to find the stories and passages that I am looking for. I think they make the scriptures come to life.

Our family, for the first time, is actually excited and looks forward to our scripture reading time together. The kids really love them!

This is the most exciting educational tool that I have for my primary class.

I never knew that marking scriptures could be so much fun and enjoyable.



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